Joel Block

Democratic Candidate
Member of the Assembly, 72nd AD

Joel Block on California’s Important Issues:

  • Our Economy – We must improve purchasing power by (1) setting the minimum wage to keep up with inflation, (2) establishing purchasing websites to permit consumers to bargain for discounted group prices, and (3) reducing sales and other taxes which hit the poor the hardest.

  • Our Educational System – We need to increase California per-student K-12 spending to the U.S. average; establish higher entry-level standards for teachers along with higher pay-scales; give slower- learners extra individual attention through in-class tutoring/mentoring by top students; and fully integrate internet technology skills into the basic curriculum.

  • Our Environment – We can create “carrot and stick” incentives for the largest consumers of water to dramatically reduce consumption; establish a moratorium on new California fracking until research is concluded on its effects on our water and soil; create new low-cost mass-transit systems utilizing internet-dispatched zero- emission wifi-equiped mini-buses.

  • Support your community; Vote Joel Block for Assembly on November 4th.